Tuesday, 6 November 2012

A to Z of Marrick Experiences!

Here's our A to Z of experiences aided by Year 6 children from Great Preston Primary School.....

A is for Abseiling
B is for Beck Scrambling
C is for Caving
D is for Delicious Dining
E is for Expeditions
F is for Frightening Night line
G is for Gorge Walking
H is for High Ropes
I is for Incredible Leaps
J is for Just being ourselves
K is for Kayaking
L is for Low Ropes
M is for Mountaineering
N is for Navigation
O is for Orienteering
P is for Paddlesports
Q is for Questioning
R is for Rock Climbing
S is for Scary Leap of Faith
T is for Trying our Best
U is Understanding how to do things
V is for Victory - WE DID IT!
W is for Wobbly Legs
X is for Xtreme Challenges
Y is Young Kids Doing it
Z is for Zipwire

Fabulous - Thank you Year 6!